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August 23 2013


Love by the river

One day, Chen Yu Fuzhou outside of a dike to read, a derivative of the river embankment, Chen Yu actually came to a river. At that time still early, probably less than five points, in addition to Chen Yu river, there is no second person. Chen Yu casually sit in the dike, a little fat to stay a while later, he opened the book looks. 
    Probably a few minutes or ten minutes later, Chen Yu lifted looked up, then Chen Yu saw the place a few meters away from him sat a man and a woman. Two people under the embankment, Chen Yu in the dike, are moving river, so that Chen Yu actually behind them. Chen Yu saw the two men began to also across a little distance, with the male one hand, woman he fell in the arms of a man. 
    Chen Yu was in reading a book about love, the book says that love is two people Erbinsimo, love is two people smell, love is two people laugh slapstick. Now, these words appear very pale, with respect to the interpretation of two words that are to be much more exciting. For a moment, Chen Yu spent watching them, a look of envy. 
       But soon, Chen Yu realize their own right, how can this happen, Chen Yu blame from themselves to, and then head down, to the book point of view. But Chen Yu carefully down, Chen Yu moment distracted, his eyes wandering over from time to time people. 
    Chen Yu think he should get out of here. 
    Chen Yu Wang Qianmian got up to go on, go about eight, ninety meters, Chen rain stopped, here, very far away from that two people, two people in the eyes of Chen Yu became the two black spots. 
    Chen Yu sat down again, his eyes on the book seriously. 
    Also minutes or ten minutes later, Chen Yu saw a woman sitting in front. Two people came out of nowhere, but apparently not just the pair but another pair. Their distance from Chen Yu more than just two people are still nearer, Chen Yu not only saw two people smell, even their voices, Chen Yu also hear clearly: 
    You know, I always think of you. 
    I do not believe. 
    Really, always thinking of you. 
    Think what I do? 
    Like you, I read the book, a book that a person would think of another person is in love with this person. 
    I do not believe your rhetoric. 
     I do not rhetoric, I personally always be right. 
       You bad. 
     Clearly, Chen Yu-Aware also can not sit here, Chen Yu stood up, and Wang Qianmian go. 
     Probably gone eight, ninety meters, when the two men became as two black spots, Chen Yu sat down again. 
     Chen Yu is still in the book seriously. 
     Also a few minutes later, when Chen Yu lift looked up, Chen Yu even found sat in front of a woman. Two people also sit under the embankment, face toward the river. Chen Yu sat embankment, Chen Yu just sitting behind them. 
     Be closer, Chen Yu does not want to look at them will not work, Chen Yu saw the man a clutch woman, the other hand is also stretched. Woman blocking the man's hand outstretched, with the man said: Someone. 
     The man said: No one die. 
     Woman said: Nobody said you look back. 
     Chen Yu sit still, Chen Yuli ie from the body, and Wang Qianmian go. But walking, Chen Yu seems to have their voices heard, woman says: Who says nobody, a man reading a book in the embankment. 
    The man said: he is gone. 
    Woman has looked back and said: you anxious people away. 
    Chen Yu is going very fast, he actually did not hear a word, but he guessed that they would say these words. 
    Walked for about eight, ninety meters, Chen Yu sat down again, but did not sit down, Chen Yu saw a man and a woman sit here. Chen Yu did not sit down and still move forward, but had not gone far, there are a man and a woman sit here. Chen Yu can not sit here, and also to move forward, but in front of the Fu River Bridge, where noise is not a place to read. 
    Chen Yu to go back up. 
    But to go back no place to sit Chen Yu, river people multiplied, a pair of another pair, Chen Yu think he sat anywhere inappropriate. 
    That late, late afternoon, one for people who came to the embankment down, sit down by the river. Only Chen Yu, a man walked in the embankment. Embankment was back back, they saw Chen Yu, they feel walking in the rain like a dike Chen Guyan. Chen Yu himself was thinking, he also thought that the find object. 
    You have not seen for a long time, Chen Yu will find a girl. They do, Chen Yu then hastily to take the girl to the embankment. Girls to the dike, eyeful familiar, she told Chen Yu said: I came to this place. 
    This sentence to Chen rain made for a long stay, she came over, who is going to do now?...

May 13 2013

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My Love Stories

If you love someone you say it,...
you say it right then,
out loud,...
or the moment just...
passes you by
There is always some madness in love.
But there is also always some reason in madness.
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